Mackenzie Standifer Has Lost Custody of Her Son

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Until July of 2016, Mackenzie was married to Zachary Stephens. The couple has a son, a boy named Ryan. Although he is only 3 years old, he has witnessed, more than once, changes in the person named to serve as his custodian. Each of his two parents has felt the pressures that are associated with gaining custody of a son or daughter.

In early April of 2016, Stephens received a court order. The order charged him with handing to Mackenzie the sum of $503 per month. That monthly payment was meant to provide her with child support.

Then in late April of that same year, the court issued a different order. It demanded a payment from Standifer. Standifer’s payment amounted to $245 per month.

Mackenzie’s fans now seek to learn for sure, whether or not she has lost her child support. In addition, some of them have chosen to ask a few rather pointed questions. For instance, one fan has expressed a desire to know if Standifer stands ready to devote the remainder of her life to a specific task. That is the job of checking on Ryan’s ability to stay recovered from the effects of his repeated highs.

Once Ryan Edwards gets out of rehab, he will have to work on avoiding any unwanted highs. In fact, one of Mackenzie’s comments reflects her appreciation for the serious nature of Ryan’s need for a drug-free environment. She has suggested that any question about her devotion to a specific task offers evidence of the public’s ignorance. Too many members of the public know very little about the needs of someone that has just recovered from a struggle with drug addiction.

Furthermore, not many adults understand what it means for someone released from rehab to stay recovered. That does not have to mean the absence of any lapse. It does demand a readiness to utilize certain methods. Those are the methods that prevent occurrence of a full and complete relapse.

Mackenzie’s remarks suggest that she has become familiar with those same methods. She realizes that she should expect to play the role of a supporter at some point. While acting in that role, she should not support Edwards’ habit, but rather any effort that he makes to face the challenges linked to a drug-free future.

At the moment, Standifer’s chosen partner may keep her from retaining custody of her son. Of course that could change. After all, she had custody of him once before; she could have it again. 

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