Jennifer Lopez: Is She Ready to Be a Mother, Again?

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Now that Jennifer Lopez has entered into an intimate relationship with Alex Rodriguez, she claims that she is ready to become a mother again. She and Alex share a love for the Yankees. Jennifer’s earliest years were spent in the Bronx. While there, she became a Yankees fan.

Lopez admits to being aware of the risks that would be associated with any effort on her part to have more children. In all probability, she is referring to the medical risks. After all, her celebrity status does not give her the ability to remain free of life’s natural pattern. In other words, she is not getting any younger.

Yet her lifestyle introduces further risks. For example, she has made repeated trips outside of the United States. That has exposed her to all manner of diseases. Even today, medical scientists lack a vaccination for every infectious disease. In fact, new viruses seem to appear unexpectedly, with their source remaining uncertain.

Take, for instance one story that offers some insight into the history of Asian flu. That flu spread rapidly throughout eastern Asia. A visit to a market that is typical of markets in that area of the world sheds some light on how it spread so quickly. Once the feathers have been removed from a group of chickens, all of those de-feathered birds might get washed in the same pot of water.

Has Jennifer ever gone on a diet? A tendency to try different diets can add to the degree of risk associated with a given pregnancy. Was there a time when Jennifer followed the eating habits of a vegetarian? If she did that for an extended period of time, the she may have exposed any possible baby to an even greater degree of risk.

Does Jennifer’s schedule include many periods during which she engages in strenuous exercise? Are there times when she gets exposed to toxic substances? A “yes” answer to either of those questions would highlight another reason that her contemplated baby would get born after a risky conception.

For all those reasons, she and Alex ought to think about obtaining some preconception counseling. It is offered by professionals that have been trained to assess and weigh various risks. Such counseling can be obtained from an obstetrician, a nurse-midwife or a family practitioner. If cannot be secured from a former husband, even one that is as obliging as Marc Anthony. 

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