Chris Cornell’s Brother Makes Statement

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In a Facebook post, Peter Cornell, brother of the late Chris Cornell released a statement. He directed it at his brother’s fans. In the statement’s opening lines, he explained the reason that he had waited so long to share his feelings. Peter confessed to having struggled to find words for how he felt.

Indeed, his struggle forced him to resort to reliance on a commonly-used phrase. He wrote that his heart was broken. Then, after having provided Chris’ FB friends with a deeper insight into his own feelings, Peter came forth with an acknowledgement.

He acknowledged the fact that his brother’s fans had made their idol a part of their lives. For that reason, his music and personality had helped to fill any empty spaces in their lives. In addition, his music had provided them with a way to lift their spirits.

Peter’s acknowledgement of those recognized facts served as the lead-up to an emotion-filled message. Besides being filled with emotion, that particular message revealed the empathetic nature of the next of Peter’s FB statements. He wanted that next statement to demonstrate the level of sorrow that he felt for the fans’ loss of a loved idol (his brother).

At that point, Peter’s earlier struggle to find the right words seemed to have ended, allowing him to claim a victory over whatever had limited his way with words. As a result, he enjoyed a greater freedom, as he continued to write. Indeed, as he wrote, he felt empowered to paint a better picture of how he felt about Chris. For instance, he called him a howling wolf.

He had a few other words for that wolf’s ability to make an impact on his fans’ lives. For example, he referred to that wolf-like idol as both a warrior and a wizard. He also said that he was a kind man, a man whose kindness acted as a type of shield. In fact, he likened it to a suit of armor.

Finally, he enhanced the power of his words by posting a few pictures. Some of them had been taken the last time that the two brothers (Chris and Peter) had been together. Another one had been taken much earlier. It showed the two of them as small children; one of them was just an infant. Their close relationship seemed to have formed at that early date. 

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