Beyoncé’s bare belly

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Hope you caught shots from the Carter Push party. It was an elegant one colored with nativity and spirit of Africa. The celebration of the twins, which will soon join Blue Ivy in the wealthy family, was fascinating.

Various celebrities rejoiced with couple (Jay Z and Beyoncé) in the beautiful event called the carter push party. Fascinating was the theme of the party as well as the guest that graced the occasion.

More fascinating was the appearance of the couple in their celebration and expectation. While Shawn Corey Carter (Jay Z) was in a simple native African fabric with a cap on and a medallion dropping from his neck, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter was beside him with her bump uncovered. She was with her bare belly with a henna tattoo on it – one will make you notice the other, the tattoo or the bump.

The black and white pictures also made the African spirit of her costume more vivid. Starting from her headgear to the pronounce hearings, the charm (pendant) from the necklace, her bra top matching her skirt and bracelets, all made statements.

The baby shower also featured Serena Williams who is also heavy at the time. Serena and her fiancé, Alexis Ohanian is also expecting. Apparently, Williams will not get to feature in any tennis competition this year but since her pregnancy is above five months already, let us wait for her performance in tennis next year.

From posts of Beyoncé’s mum (Tina Knowles Lawson), the presence of other guests is also noticed. The likes of Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams (bringing back the flashes of “destiny child”), Lala Anthony and many more were at the event, which took place at the Beverly Hills.

The pregnant music goddess also posted pictures of playful moments of herself and her wealthy husband during the party. One of the very cute ones shows Jay Z having his hand over the soon to be mother of twin’s belly (you know that feeling right?).

The caption, the tag, the shindig, the party, all have one tag to pin down the African themed big celebration: The Carter Push Party.